Sunday, December 11, 2016

All the Gherkins are Here

Michael had a rough night and got very little sleep. When he fell asleep at 0500, I simply couldn't wake him up for he slept.   

The girls and Cory asked us to meet them for lunch. A funny thing happened on the way to lunch. Krista saw a car which looked like Josiah's and had Washington plates on it. She jumped on the bumper and shook the car, and then ran to the front for her brother hug. You guessed it! It wasn't Josiah! ::snort:: 

Jamin flew into Seattle last night. JaRissa flew into Seattle today.  Josiah and Jamin picked up JaRissa  at the airport and drove on down. We met up at Krista's and had a bit of time to talk before Krsita had to leave for a soccer game. 
The Gang - minus BreZaak, Bella and Dakota

We went over and saw my parents and then headed out to Coburg to show the "kids" our new home on wheels.  Have I mentioned lately how much we enjoy having  a seating area for visitors?
Stacia, Jared, Larissa, Nolan, Jamin, Michael, Alex, Josiah 

The kids left to go visit BreZaak. JaRissa will be spending the week at their home. Jamin hadn't met Ms. Bella yet, so this was high on their priority list.  Josiah and Jamin will stay in the trailer at my parents.
Jamin & Bella - can't go wrong with food

Jamin, Jared, Bre & Bella

Bre, Izaak, Jamin, Jared and Bella in the center
Wedding week is upon us!

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