Saturday, December 17, 2016

CoRielle's Wedding Ceremony

A few shots taken from the front pew during  CoRielle's wedding ceremony.....
Cory and Nolan
 Jamin and Jared (ushers) rock the aisle runner


Cory and Groomsmen 

Izaak helped Bella preform her flower girl duties! 

Ah, Michael and Arielle
 Love this photo of Cory's family...Michael shares a charge (which went on and on) with Cory

Cory fits right into our freakishly large, chaotic family!  He talked with Michael and arranged for mistletoe to be used before their kiss. This was their first kiss and Arielle has always wanted to kiss under the mistletoe. I don't know where she got THAT idea. Yuck - cooties. ::snort::  Michael told Cory he may kiss his bride, then halted to ask if anyone had mistletoe. Krista happened to have some stashed in her flowers.

Now, you may kiss your bride!  

And he did....

They  jetted off the platform to the reception...there were still a few things left to do - like introduce them to the audience....but Michael ad-libbed and we all jetted for the reception. 

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