Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Wedding Clothes and New Tricks

I can tell, until the wedding arrives, each and every day is going to have far too many things planned to actually accomplish! ::snort::

I booked us into an RV park up the highway for our next week. I called around looking for extended stay options. I think I've found a place in January - it's further away from the VA clinic than we want to be, and more money than we wanted to pay, but it's available.

The boys had Japanese tests today....they made 95% and 96%. Yep, I AM proud of them. Japanese is hard.

Stacia, Michael and I visited Mom G across town. Michael brought some things from her home that will make her stay here more comfortable.  We set a spell too.

Next, we headed to Valley River Center and bought Michael some wedding duds. They assure us they will be shipped to my moms in a week. I hope so - the wedding is in 11 days. They didn't have the size suit coat that he needs and recommended we get the pants and jacket together to make sure they match.
Poor Bella appears to have a foot growing from her head

Our final stop of the day (though it wasn't planned to be our final stop) was at BreZaak's. Our visit served three important purposes: 1. We needed to drop off a couple of cruise gifts with them, 2. We haven't seen Izaak yet on this trip and 3. Bella learned a new trick - she crawls FORWARD. We needed to see this new trick of our baby girl.

We got home in time for me to get veggie pot pie in the "oven" and for Michael to proof a paper for Arielle.

We did not make it to my parents. I did not get all the buckeyes dipped and another kind of cookie baked. We did not get any repairs or mods done here at the RV.

Dinner is done and the Veggie Pot Pie turned out PERFECT in the micro/convection. This renews my hope. It would seem I need to ignore the instructions in the manual about cooking time and lower temps and just use normal temps and times.  I may try the wedding Crack Brownies again.

But for tonight we are finally going to do that one thing that means Christmas season is here for us....we're going to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol. "Light the lamp, not the rat!"

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