Saturday, December 31, 2016

We're Having Another Grandbaby

In the wedding, Christmas, New Year activity - I missed posting this blog, though I did mention it on Facebook!!!! It's be a long time in the making.  We visited OR in October and BreZaak asked us for dinner. We loved their fall decorations.

Did you catch it? I was the first to catch on - but then I saw the test results in the bathroom. 😋Then we kept it silent. BreZaak wanted to wait a bit before sharing with anyone. They also decided to wait until after the wedding to share the news so that all focus would be on CoRielle.

 After CoRielle left the wedding reception - BreAnne told her grandparents!  
Bre and Gma Mary Jean 

Gpa Paul, Gma Jan and Bre

 In the photo above she had told Mom and Dad T they had let Bella open some Christmas gifts early. She showed them this picture. They told Pastor on the 18th and waited a few more days to share the news with Facebook  and all their friends.

Oh what fun awaits! 
 Yes, we are thrilled to announce (on the blog) that BreZaak are expecting their second child in June 2017. She is 15 weeks along, has seen a strong heartbeat and we are rejoicing in the goodness of our Heavenly Father.
This is still my favorite

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Patty Hough said...

Another grandbaby! PTL! Congratulations to the blessed parents and to you all!