Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Adam Tea

Note - a friend shared her children call Dec 23rd, "Christmas Adam" because it came before "Christmas Eve." I decided to run that by this family and it seems to be sticking. We love the quirkiness of Christmas Adam, and it gives us one more special day to celebrate instead of trying to fit everything into Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year's Eve.....of course the 12 Days of Christmas accomplishes the same. Did I mention we love quirky?

My mom collects tea cups, plates, tea pots, nativities and elephants. There may be a few other things???? These are the ones that stick out to me. Grams also collected tea cups.

Mom hosted a Christmas Adam Tea for all the female relatives who were in town. This would be me, her daughter; Sherri, her daughter in law; my daughters - Bre, Krista, Arielle and Stacia;  Sherri's grand-daughter Harmony; and Heather's (daughter in law overseas) daughter Elizabeth.

Cousins - yes, these are the girl cousins (minus Amy) 

Elizabeth, Bre - the elder, Krista holding Arielle, Stacia and Harmony
De'Etta, Arielle, Krista - Arielle missed her chewing cue! 
 Stacia had spent the night at Will and Sherri's with Harmony. This is a HUGE treat - we don't typically do sleepovers.  This morning they made cookies and cut out sweet little tea sandwiches for the tea. Harmony is technically Stacia's 2nd cousin (is that right? She's her cousin Amy's daughter). I love that there is a "cousin" young enough for Stacia to enjoy. Being the caboose, most of Stacia's cousins are close to 20 years older than her.

Mom shared the tea was our Christmas present this year. As we got started, we each drew a number, and then chose a tea cup from her collection. I suggested we allow 3 steals - Mom vetoed.

As we chose a cup, Mom told us where she'd gotten it and a bit of its story. Many of them were cups from Grams. Grams and her friends used to host weekly tea parties. They'd each bring a cup and exchange them so they took a new cup home weekly. They'd bring demi (demitasse) cups and their girls would trade them with each other.  I believe the only two who chose cups which were not Gram's were Harmony and Krista.

One for Bre, one for Baby Girl - both cups Grams had given Mom 

Stacia chose a purple one Grams had given Mom 
Love Elizabeth's choice of blue roses
Harmony chose this one Gpa gave Gma 
Gma and Arielle
Harmony and Grandma Sherri 
Krista chose a unique square one Mom had purchased
Being together highlighted those who were not with us - Heather is overseas. We're all looking forward to seeing her and Nate this summer. I was happy Elizabeth was with us.  Amy, Will and Sherri's daughter, is finishing up her time at Teen Challenge. We will be house-sitting for Will and Sherri as they travel, with Harmony and Andrew and Matt to visit Amy for a week.

The tea cups will always be special.  The afternoon with each other and Mom will be a favorite Christmas memory. It was a chance to slow down and visit in a smaller know... without our rowdy men-folks around. ::wink:: ::snort:: ::gasp::
Mom does love hosting a tea table
Seven of the nine of us
Pure Joy
 I suspect a Christmas Adam Tea has become a new tradition for this branch of the family - together if we are near Mom and alone if not. It was a wonderful breather in the midst of the busy-ness of family and holidays.

Thanks, Mom. 


Linda said...

Stacia and Harmony would be first cousins once removed. You have to be on the same generational level to be second cousins. So, Stacia and Amy (? Harmony's mom anyway) are first cousins. Harmony and Stacia's kids will be second cousins because they're all on the same generational level. But Harmony and Stacia are first cousins, once removed. Does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

I totally enjoyed the day and 'Tea Party'. It was so much fun seeing you all choose the cup you likes. I knew the first one chosen by Bre would be the first one to go. Mom (G'Ma Simmons)LOVED that cup as do I. Actually I love them all.

We are so blessed to have you all as our family. Glad Izack/Bre are having a Girl............ we need more girls. :):):) God Bless you Sis..... love/prayers -- Mom T.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Linda. LOL