Friday, January 06, 2017

Favorite Workout Shirt

Jamin spent quite a bit of time with Nolan and Alex while he was home talking about life goals, personalities, and setting up workout plans.   He spent the most time with Alex designing a plan and prodding him to go out daily with him to run, walk and such.

Friday night means pizza and games or movies. Krista called to see what we were doing as we were on our way to Mom and Dad's with Papa Murphy's.  She joined us, with a gift for Alex.

I love Jamin being concerned enough to discuss the whole plan with Alex. And Alex being willing to take the plan to heart. And Krista keeping it fun. This is now Alex's favorite workout shirt! I love some Gherkins!

PS - the pizza and games were pretty great too.

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Jamin said...

I love it! Tell Alex to keep up the good work :)