Friday, April 14, 2017

Cody has Culture Shock and #WYFF

Jared with Cody and Lassie (foreground)
"Move to Alaska," Cy said. 

"It'll be fun," Cy said. 

Cody - the Horgi (husky/corgi)

Jared writes, "But really. We had so much fun today climbing Mt Baldy!! Can't wait for the rest of the family to make it up here!"

The feeling is mutual. 

 It's #WYFF and I didn't do one thing worthy of a "foot" picture. Today, we took care of admin stuff here at the RV. 

  • Talked with a banker about some things we need to do with the estate
  • Applied for pre-approval for a housing loan
  • Continued to search for a spot with land with  a house on it
  • Checked out leads our realtor sent
  • Finished two more weeks of school - TGIF
  • Said goodbye one last time to Nadia and Casper before they left the area
  • Pizza and a movie tonight at the RV - we're tired. 

*Note Cody is Cy's dog. Cody hopped a plane and arrived in Alaska this week. Jared and Larissa are dog-sitting until Cy arrives in May.  Josiah listed his car today. This thing is going down! 

#WYFF is a hashtag sponsored by Fulltime Families. For more of our #WYFF entries - click the links under the blog header. 

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