Monday, April 03, 2017

Only ONE Week????

We have a family goal to blog. Most often this means, *I* need to carve out time to blog.  I caught up - and then I didn't touch the blog again for a  week.

As I set down to capture my thoughts  I commented, "I haven't blogged all week again. I have no excuse."

Nolan heard me and responded, "You've been REALLY busy. "

I stopped and thought. I have been. It seems like 2 or 3 weeks since I blogged, but in fact, we've only lived one week.  Michael continued with repairs to our rig. He's now installed most of the parts we need to make the Jeep tow-able. I believe he's taking it in to get the "air brake connection" installed.
Never Attempt full time RVing unless you are a DIY mechanic/repairman
 He's also sought out estimates to fix the double-paned storm windows in the motorhome. Seven of them are fogging up. Not sure we'll fix all of them at this point - is clear vision worth $3,000? We WILL fix the driver window. 😲 

We had a great lunch with BreZaak and a wonderful evening of catching up with John and Nadine (for whom we house sat). We enjoyed a quick visit with Will and Sherri. We spent Saturday afternoon with Arielle while Cory was at work....BreZaak and Bella dropped by too. 

We discovered we cannot simply make keys for the Jeep. Michael visited a locksmith and we'll soon be able to change the codes on the chip in the keys and have three keys. This will give us greater peace of mind. 

I accompanied Mom to five appointments. We are learning cancer has the potential to take over one's life - simply by virtue of the TIME it requires. Mom has opted not to have chemo. She is showing signs of lymphedema and is now seeing an Oncology Physical Therapist at least 3 times a week. She's starting radiation - which will be 5 days a week for 6 weeks. All of her other docs continue to want to see her - more now that she is dealing with cancer.  She's a trooper - but it wears her and I out to be running all week long.   I believe there are 8 appointments on the calendar for this upcoming week. 

Michael has been gone since Thursday. There are loose ends we've been trying to tie up with Mom G's estate. In this age of technology these things should have been easy to handle long distance - but sometimes Realtors, DMVs and lawyers need to see you face to face. He also went down to visit with his oldest sister in Eureka. 

Friday night the kids and I discovered a pizza joint near the RV Park....a nice discovery at the end of a busy week. 
Falafel pizza - no cheese
The Gherkins (and Nadia) helped Dad do some yard work - we'll get better as we go. Who would guess one has to tend to the city's property?😏
Nadia - working on her birthday 


The kids have continued to hit the books - hard! As of this week we are one week ahead! They've decided to continue double timing until we (or maybe they and I'll stay here to help Mom?) go to Denver/TX....this will allow them to be "on track" at the end of the three week trip. 

We loved watching Casper and Nadia play with Dino - a Great Dane/ Grey Hound mix. We also enjoyed celebrating Nadia's 22nd birthday with her. We loved the rare Mikhail sighting. 
Casper, Dino and Nadia
I do love this picture
Lent marches on - I miss the blending of church traditions in a military chapel. We will need to do better in future years to maintain a focus on the season. It's not part of our church tradition - but it's become meaningful to us. Without a church structure discussing the "weeks" and handing out devotionals leading up to the Resurrection, I will need to plan ahead. We did bring our Lenten wreath with us - and I finally bought a candle yesterday.

Today is Monday. We started the week with two medical appointments, two days worth of school, and Michael calling with the hope to be back this evening. 

I've skipped a lot of the week - but here are the facts. LOL 

Topics to be explored further: 
  • Future plans
  • Perspective
  • Nameless motorhome is named
  • Showcase the modifications in the motorhome

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Anonymous said...

All this MOM can say is GOD BLESS MY DAUGHTER AND DAUGHTER-IN-LAW AND NIECE and GRANDKIDS. What an amazing help they have been. I could go into detail but suffice to say THESE ARE THE MOST AMAZING PEOPLE AND WE PTL THEY BELONG TO US LOVE/PRAYERS pjt townsend