Monday, April 24, 2017

Traveling Monday

We spent Sunday afternoon making sure we were ready to travel this morning. This is our first long trip in Uchi, pulling Nimo and loaded with kids.   Hookin up Nimo makes the getaway process a bit longer....of course it would be POURING RAIN for our first hook up.
Go guys, go! 
 That's the way it really was, but a slight change of perspective would make it all seem so much nicer. I joined them in the rain.....

...finally realizing this view would be much drier!  

There is always "one last thing," that has to be stowed. We settled in for the drive when I noticed the flowers may not travel well here. They are safely stowed in the sink for the drive.

The drive leaving Springfield was BEAUTIFUL. We drove through rain, snow, mountains and high desert today. 
Oregon - near the Santiam ski area
 This one has been pining for snow since we left Japan. Of course we stopped!
Silly girl thought we were traveling to SUN
 How does one look so innocent while throwing a snowball at the camera?????

Michael took advantage of the break to check out the vehicles. I took pictures. 
Wave if you see us.....

Taking Mom G to be reunited with Dad G at FT Logan National Cemetery
 He attempted to fix a problem...

Our personal, traveling, rain gauge

I told the kids to grab some photos while I fixed lunch. 

I assumed we were going south to get to CO....because we go south to get anywhere.....what a surprise to find we were going through Boise!  We had no clue what time we would arrive. We had no RV reservations. We're "boondocking" the travel days.  I did let our college friends know we would be in the area.  Rebekah, a dear friend from Beale, contacted me to tell me she was really close to Boise and wanted to meet up with us as well. Great was 8 p.m. when we pulled into the truck stop....Rebekah and Sarah found us as we waited behind this truck in the fuel lane. We didn't need fuel, he looked like he was pulling through - and he did - but then he stopped....and so we stopped.
YIKES. I thought he was coming our way....
We introduced Don, Beth, Jonathan and Sarah to Rebekah, parked Uchi, unhooked Nimo and went to find a place open for dinner and ice cream. I neglected to take photos during dinner....but Jon and Sarah grabbed some for me as we left the restaurant.
Me and Rebekah
Being a military spouse is tough - I'm proud of Rebekah. She's had some challenging years, but is realizing she's strong, God is strong in her and she is doing great. She is finishing up her 2 year PA program and will soon rejoin her husband. So proud of her for persevering! Praying for you and Andy and the upcoming months, my friend.

It's always so good to see Don and Beth and their family. It's like a long, cool drink on a HOT summer day  - the TEXAS kind, not the Oregon kind. ::wink::
Beth, Me and Rebekah
Sweet conversation with dear friends is soooo refreshing. We arrived back at the truck stop a bit after 11 p.m. and "called it a night."

A side note. All day I saw signs to "Vale" and thought it meant Vail, CO. I was surprised at the good time we were making to CO....and then I realized there is a Vale, OR....geography is not my strong suit.

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