Sunday, June 18, 2017

On to Beaver Creek, YT - Day 12 of our AlCan Road Trip

Father's Day on the Yukon Trail. Not being able to talk with the kids and Dad was the hardest part of not having phone or Internet!

Nolan and I left before the rest of the group to go fill up with gas and buy a few groceries at Walmart. The plan was to meet at Walmart. I'm fuzzy NOW as to why we left early - but I know that it allowed for more efficient use of our travel time.

The only flaw in our plan was we didn't have a GPS. We stopped at the Klondike Visitor Center, snapped a few photos and headed for gas and Walmart. Note - get gas before leaving Whitefish.

We were APPALLED at the RVers at Whitefish Walmart. I don't know if this is correct etiquette for wally-docking in Canada but it isn't in America. They had slides out, jacks down (bad for parking lots), trash, sitting around in chairs outside their rvs.....they'd taken over the parking lot really.

Today, we drove through the Kluane Icefield Ranges and Desperation Bay, on our way to our campground outside of Beaver Creek. Beaver Creek is the westernmost town in Canada. We will shortly be in Alaska.
On the road again....

I was GLAD when Michael had to stop at this rest area 99 miles outside of Whitefish. STUNNING views! In the Milepost this spot is located on page 200 at DC 976.9/DJ 412.1. GREAT spot to stop. Michael loves to grab his camera from me when we stop. I know he'd love to be a passenger taking photos  - but  he enjoys driving too.

Kluane Icefield Ranges in the background

Desperation Bay 

The trailer is getting bounced around a lot - wondering how our things are traveling. 

Our stop for the evening  was at Discovery Yukon - a quirky campground with some of the friendliest hosts to date. It's about 30 miles before Beaver Creek if you're traveling north.  In the  middle of no-where; we were lucky to get the big spot that borders an air strip...... The only bummer of the day was not seeing wildlife (other than squirrels) and the motorhome steps stopped working! That's quite a jump!
She WAS nose down in the pit, before I called her name

View from Kitchen Window

Air Strip

Motor collection - I missed the chain saw collection....

One of the fun parts of this trip has been seeing the same vehicles up and down the road. We are pretty memorable with our marked up trailer and Jeep. I've enjoyed the conversations.

We are all struggling with sunlight at midnight and rising at 0300....but we're playing lots of games.
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