Friday, June 09, 2017

#WYFF - Day 3 of Alcan Road Trip

 Michael made a run to find an auto part bright and early. Then we checked things one more time before taking off this morning.

I was getting SERIOUSLY freaked out by the amount of play in the bike carrier. I could see myself passing a semi and dropping a bike or two, and causing a multi-car pile-up. Michael bought a couple of bungee cords and took some of the play out of the thing. Yesterday, I could hit a bump and watch the wheels in the left mirror disappear.... 🚲🚚πŸ’₯
Much better today. The spare tires are in the Jeep - with the crystal on top. πŸ˜…
 I drove the first four hours.....I asked Michael how long it took us to get through Seattle and he replied, "Too stinkin long!" That's about right.  I know we planned for a 3 hour driving day and resting at the border - it took us 6 hours. 😏 I'm sincerely hoping it's the traffic and not the speed of RV travel. ::snort:: I was SHOCKED to see 30 mph HWY speeds in AMERICA and we were going much slower than that for quite a bit of time.

Nolan drove the last two hours. I took a couple of windshield shots - the view is certainly different from Nimo's windshield. ::snort::  I find driving mile and mile with "North to Alaska" in front of me to be mesmerizing.....and I may need to break up the scenery so I don't nod off. πŸ‘€

We ended the perfect driving day by cracking the driver's front "nose" of the RV in the tight quarters at Lynden KOA. Then I was putting the slide out and shoes got caught in the slide and pulled a "beam" away.....which I popped back on and can fix with brown shoe polish. A much cheaper fix than the RV will be. πŸ˜“

We are settled into a KOA. We've heard "stories" about RVs crossing the border and are getting all our papers in order, resting up and starting out bright and early tomorrow.

We may lose connectivity until we get into the Anchorage area.  We don't have name brand phone plans with international plans. We'll use wifi when available at campgrounds to update.

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