Thursday, July 06, 2017

Fishing and Wildlife

Look who came to Quiet Time this morning. 

I'm not sure they'll ever solve the "bear problem" in the campground. They've learned it's easy food.....and they aren't worried about people at all. People aren't too worried about them either.....but in a year or will be a different story. Rest easy, *I* am not running up to them to take photos...this was from INSIDE the RV - with a 300mm  lens. LOL 

Jamin had the day off today and dropped by to help Michael with projects and visit. We set him up online with one of the required permits to be able to sign in and visit the rec areas on JBER. He, Michael and the Gherkins left to explore. They fished in a lake and drove around. They didn't catch anything. Ah well, they had fun.

I stayed at the RV to get dinner ready. The plan was for them to fish, come have dinner, pick up Josiah and I, and all go out again after dinner.

Josiah got off work early. He took his FINAL test to be a manager at Walmart today. He's done....I think he has 2 more weeks of training in his specific area. I'm telling you - they train WELL..... He is off until Monday......we visited and the others showed up.

Ate dinner and ran for the lakes.....our goal was trout. I signed in saying "Wildlife viewing/Photos" was my mission. The others were fishing.  I scored. The others not so much. The lake was overly crowded. We had thought there would only be one person,  as only one was signed in....hmmm....something isn't working quite right with their system.
 My first catch 

 Beautiful spot to fish even if the trout elude one's grasp 

These will be beautiful when they are all open


My second catch 

Michael, Josiah, Stacia
 I couldn't quite see if this were an eagle but snapped a few shots anyway. It was...a young one. 

Face of a fisherwoman
 Michael caught this one

 The reds are supposed to start running in the Russian River this weekend. They're planning to meet them. I support this plan. Stay tuned....

At this point we got a call from our realtor, the elder Gherkins left; Michael and I talked house things.

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