Thursday, July 13, 2017


We met Rob and Dollie in San Angelo, where Rob was an instructor at the firehouse. Ryan was a young man. We knew them when they brought Julia home from Romania. They were in various co-ops I ran at the time.  We left San Angelo and went to Japan, CA and RVing. They left San Angelo and went to San Antonio, San Angelo and Wyoming.  

As we were planning our Alaskan migration, Rob and Dollie told us they were PCSing (moving) up here! If you're looking for a good PA on JBER - Rob's your man. It was fun to reconnect tonight in their temporary housing...eight years later. Ryan is married and in TX. They've added Evelyn. Jared and Arielle are no longer with us....time has a way of passing sneakily until you catch up with friends from past assignments. 😏
De'Etta & Dollie

I didn't get a photo of the boys, Michael, Rob or Evelyn....but I did snatch one of Stacia and Julia. 
Stacia and Julia 
We had a good time sharing stories, I know Michael loved talking Air Force, and the dessert (brownies, berries and ice cream) was yummy! We look forward to more meet-ups.

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