Monday, July 24, 2017

WooHoo, Jamin!

Some things in life require a lengthy interview process. Some goals take a long time to reach....such as entering the Air Force Chaplain's corp....or entering the MARINES.

Step one was passing some tests.

Step two was a physical and various records. 

Step three was a PT test....Jamin broke the record on the running this point we realized he was probably going to be selected. πŸ˜‰ He worked on the pull-up portion.

Somewhere along the line he had leaped over several hurdles and was sworn in to the Marine Corp - but not really. He took an oath and then had to take another PT test and then his name/package was submitted to a board which would look at all who qualified and determine whom they wanted to move to the next level of the "interview." 

We were all taken aback at how fast this moved - and none of us were there for this part.....he graduated from A & M and took this oath the same day. 
Oath one in College Station 
 Then he waited. The next board was 20 July. The Officer Candidate School he would qualify for would start in September. In the other branches you enter the Officer Training - already an officer - and unless you wash out - you're in. In the Marines, OCS is part of the interview process. He isn't really a marine until he passes OCS and is sworn in at graduation. There is a high wash-out rate from OCS - what I'm saying is, it's not a given to be selected or to pass all the phases of the process.  Truly, "The few. The proud."

Today, 24 July, Jamin received word he has been selected to attend the September 2017 Marine Officer Candidate School.  And we were with him.....He  was told he was one of very few selected from the area. I believe the total number nation-wide is 108.
On the phone with leadership from College Station, TX
 Still on the we pulled up to the airport, prepared to say goodbye to him, he took notes on all he needs to get for the Marines ASAP. Multi-tasking at it's best.

We are proud of Jamin. He will be in Alaska until 9 September when he will fly to Quantico, VA for Marine Officer Candidate School (OCS).  He hopes to use his graduate degrees and be assigned to something or other in the spooky field.  That's all unknown at this point.

Jamin's Grandpa was a Warrant Officer in the Marines during WW2. As we drove off, Michael and I couldn't help comment on how proud Grandpa would be of Jamin following in his steps.

When you've asked if all the kids are moving to Alaska, we've hedged. Until Jamin received the call yesterday, we weren't sure if he would be staying here or moving elsewhere. It's ironic that the military originally brought us to Alaska.We've all found our way back....except for two the military will call away....Jamin, in the Marines and Krista, in the Air Force. Michael and I will have lots of places to visit Space A as the  years go by!

Well done, Jamin.

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