Monday, August 07, 2017


We divided forces today. All the guys, except Cory, headed to Whittier. Fishing is always fun, this trip was also a chance for everyone to "welax". Josiah had some very tough situations to deal with at work this week, and all wanted to spend a bit of time circling the wagons with him. And, yes, any day of fishing beats unpacking. 🐽

I met my new doc at 0900. I think I"m going to like here and the family practice. She is prior military and "understood" things, I have had to explain over and over at other places. 

Stacia and I unpacked the rest of the kitchen. This moment went wrong....I threw paper off the porch and the tape wrapped around me. 

We spent a bit of time cleaning the RV. Just when we thought we were done, we found more things stored under the seats. Arielle was amazed at how much we had in the RV.

CoRielle set up their room/kitchen downstairs. Bre and Babies cleaned the trailer they were living in.

Izaak caught his first Alaskan salmon 

This smile - signing for a home and fishing. Fishing is easier!
I don't care if he does it often. 

The water was roiling with Humpies - pinks. Up here folks say these are cat or dog food. However, we've not had a lot of salmon and everyone is eating them. These are caught in salt water and that seems to make a bit of a difference, we've been told. We do prefer the reds. 

Back at home, Stacia and I HAD to go buy groceries! Our fuel light came on as we attempted to drive to the next down over. We managed to slide into the local station on fumes, dropped the groceries in the entry way and went to collect Bre and Babies. We've not seen them the last few days, as Bre has tried to keep them settled and safe while the moving chaos swirled over here. It took two trips in the Jeep to get them moved....and then the M's arrived to pick up their trailer.

The guys got home  late.

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