Monday, August 21, 2017

Red Shirt Trip

 As I shared in "yesterday's" post, the boys and Michael went out for a grand adventure. Jared and Josiah walked in the 3.5 miles, spent the day fishing, and walked out.  Jamin and the other two boys, agreed to spend a night at the cabin. The plan was to divide the hike so Michael could accompany them.  Thanks, guys.
Michael, Jamin, Alex, Nolan
Everyone had a great time and many Pike were removed from the waters. Pike are a menace. They have rows of teeth and they eat anything. Jared caught one, who spit out his hook AND a real live mouse at the same time. 🐽 I'm told pike taste, "better than trout".



Jamin, Michael, Alex, Jared, Nolan 
 Yes, it was another one of  those "fine and pleasant misery" escapades. It rained and rained. But they were fishing. They stayed in a forest service cabin.

Everyone had a good time and the stories will be worth any discomfort experienced.  I'm glad they got this trip in before Jamin leaves the state, and am happy Michael was able to go with them.

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