Saturday, August 05, 2017

They've All Gone Mad

I've been involved in some pretty odd spots this year with the girls team......but today's madness began with the list below. I'm not 100% sure where it originated. 

We drove to a big white door....

I could not believe my eyes when they opened the door! What could all this be. Stacia seems happy to see the projector screen. Mom seemed to have thought they'd gotten rid of the screens, or only kept 1/2 of it (you see 1/2). 

I can climb pretty high and I was happy to assist in reaching some of the higher household goods. I do my best to be a  helpful guest.  

I certainly hope this is NOT my location for long. I certainly like riding with CoRielle better than this. 

The movers displayed creativity with their alternate spelling of "garage." Mom picked up on it immediately. She's trained for that sort of thing - homeschooling for 28 years and all. 

Arielle beams...and gets a bit bigger day by day....

This is simply not nice! 

I TOLD you they've gone mad, right? We got back to the house and they were still painting walls.....I'm not sure what the plan is in Stacia's room....

Alex is suddenly fascinated with "tape" balls....

They finally called it a night. I heard they didn't get the RV moved over...and the storage unit isn't empty....but tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow, Mom and Dad will move the RV here, some will begin unpacking, while others clear out the storage unit....and maybe there will be more paint?  That never seems to end. 
Awesome work crew! 

I'm not 100% sure what has caused the madness, or why they seem happy about it, but they seem content in their chaotic craziness.

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