Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Full Love Tanks

One thing to get used to around here is the mail system. Our box is .7 mile away - we enjoy 1.4 mile walk....NOW...in the fall. 🐽😡😁 Amazon Prime - well it's FREE SHIPPING which is rare to Alaska - but they save up our orders and then mail them all at once. Gone are the days of ordering something and having it show up two hours later. 😊 The USPS will NOT deliver packages to us. Fed EX and UPS will....so we make trips into town to the post office to get our packages sent via USPS. At the post office, they call those "picking up packages only" to the front of the line. I've waited and waited, while others are called up - and finally - I AM RECEIVING PACKAGES!  I get to go to the front of the line! 

Today, we had two notices, one for us and one for the S family. Neither of us were expecting anything.  The first surprise was who they were from. I received a package from John and Mary (Mike's oldest sister). Arielle received a package from Emma (a young one she used to baby sit, daughter of a friend of mine). 

Our love tanks are full. Mary K heard about the shortage of Pumpkin Spice muffins in the Anchorage/Valley area. (Y'all I checked with THOMPSONS they did not ship any up here.)  She arranged a ride (she doesn't drive), went shopping, WROTE A LETTER, packaged it all up, found another ride to the post office, and totally SURPRISED ME! 

It was like a giant hug from afar! I ate 2 muffins,  and packaged the rest for the freezer. She also sent some pumpkin BREAD. 

Meanwhile, I delivered Arielle's package. Emma is so sweet and smart. She sent Arielle two packages of Pumpkin Spice English Muffins. It's truly fall around here. 

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Joy said...

That's my Emma! So happy for your family!