Friday, September 08, 2017

God Speed, Jamin

We've been telling a lot of Jamin stories around our home this week. πŸ˜€πŸ˜…πŸ˜€One thing I've learned in 26 years of parenting Jamin, is never to get between him and his goals. He wanted to run in college; though he'd never competed before....Yep, coach finally let him try out and he blew away the time set by the coach to train with the team, was awarded a scholarship, was team captain and breaking records before he was through with college.  He wanted to get two masters - he did it. He wanted to try out for the Marine Corp and he's earned a spot to go do just that.

We've had a great time with Jamin here in Alaska!  He found a summer job, but was always available to take the kids hiking, go fishing, help with house projects, just sit and visit...and today, we had our farewell meal with Jamin before he headed for the airport. Larissa grabbed this photo before I could jump up to do it. Which means she is not in it, but I am. 😏
L - Josiah, Stacia, Michael, Nolan, Arielle, Alex, Jared, Me, Jamin 
We're glad he was here to help with the Gherkin Alaskan Migration. He helped drive a U-haul truck up the Alaska Highway with Josiah. A month or two later he and Josiah drove BreZaak's things up the Alaska Highway.  It seems wrong somehow for Jamin to leave these two up here, and yet spending the summer up here anchors him, in some way, to Alaska for us. There aren't a lot of Marine billets in Alaska, but Mom can hope. πŸ˜‰
Jared, Jamin, Josiah 

Exchanging salutes....

He's off to Marine Officer's Candidate School - and that seems right too. 

God speed, Jamin. See you at Christmas! 

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