Friday, September 29, 2017


 FRIDAYS are wonderful!!!! Year's ago we established Fridays were for Pizza and movies. We used to make pizza. We have been visiting Papa Murphy's most recently - and we most often play games rather than movies.....but we love Fridays.  We've cut way, way back on eating out and that includes buying pizza.  This week we planned to make pizzas. We ended up doing Pasta Saturday on Friday instead.

BUT, first, I made Ooey Gooey Krisper Bars

Josiah surprised us. He had the day off and came by. We promptly put him to work splitting wood. 

JaRissa were coming out for dinner and, of course, we were thrilled to have Josiah too. The joke is, "Everyone else gets invited to dinner, I have to just show up." The truth is his schedule is so unpredictable we simply count on him to show up when he can. LOL

Bre and Gideon and Jared and Lassie (our Grand Dog)

It was a fun night of visiting - we never made it to the games. 
There was also this. 
 We've been trying to figure out one weekly "family dinner." We had thought Sunday afternoon - then yard games, games and what not, a quick devo and family prayer, followed by ice cream. BUT JaRissa have a very full day at their church and helping with the youth group in South Anchorage on Sundays.  Cy's schedule is UNPREDICTABLE (did I say that earlier)? We thought about Friday night, but Izaak has to work Friday night and Cory is often prepping to work early Saturday a.m.  We thought Saturday, but don't want to suck up every who knows? This week we had a Friday night for all but CoRielle and Izaak.....and a Sunday dinner/family time with all but Cy and JaRissa. LOL 

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