Tuesday, October 17, 2017


There was screeching, dancing, laughing, singing and texting - lots of texting. Finally, snow at our HOUSE. There is quite a bit of snow accumulating on the mountains all around us,  but our little mountain was stubbornly bare...and only the teeny flakes on Sunday.

I was surprised Arielle was as excited as Stacia. 

The snow was falling - and it seemed it would cover a bit of the ground - so we all agreed this counts as the FIRST SNOW at our house - and we have a winner to our contest!  Slammin Salmon guessed Oct 17th! We'll have a post shortly about the contest and the prize.

These two have missed the snow of Northern Japan. How fun it is for them to enjoy this moment together! I think it makes up for us taking the trampoline down this weekend. 

And, our mountain? For a few hours there was just a bit of a dusting on it. Enough for us to imagine it will eventually be snow covered. LOL  Our guess is real snow, the kind that stays around and heavily covers, by the end of the month. 

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