Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Grandblessing Therapy!

Michael had swallow therapy today. I SWEAR all the neurologists and therapists in town got together and decided it was time to have, "face the facts," talks.  Personally, I think waiting until after Christmas wouldn't have hurt anyone at all. LOL  It is rather depressing. 

We had scheduled lunch with our new pastor after the appointment. I'm glad we did. It was good to process a tiny bit with him, and then to focus on possibilities for NOW and what the POTENTIAL is in the PRESENT. 

Best of all....Cory was running errands, and Arielle wanted to walk around the yard. I got to cuddle with Bennett - the best therapy of all is snuggling with grandblessings. Bennett will be two weeks old tomorrow - and it takes no time at all for a baby to become indispensable in a family's life. 

Auntie Stacia gets to hold Bennett for the first time. 

Stacia is making Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies, Michael is busy with home projects,  I'll make dinner, we'll read a few chapters of Narnia and recenter.....life is good.


Unknown said...

I was just thinking today of how he has only been here 2 weeks and it feels like he has always been here❤

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

It happens quickly.