Tuesday, November 07, 2017

More than Moose

There was certainly more to our day than moose. Of course.

Michael began swallow therapy again. His conclusion, "She's a slave driver."

There is Gideon....we love Bre's shower time. LOL He's such a sweetie at 5 1/2 months. He has a smile and a laugh that brighten the darkest Alaska days.

 I've recently finished reading, "Bread and Wine" by Shauna Niequist. This was a great read. Shauna intersperses stories, tips on hospitality and recipes, in a package that works .... Best yet? Our library had it!  Below is a quote I've been thinking of the past few weeks.

 Letting every time I open my door be an act of love.....for family, friends, strangers, solicitors....an act of love.I used to write quotes in a notebook, my writing is getting painful and bad on some days....so I took a bunch of photos of quotes and recipes I wanted to try.

"Every time you open your door, it's an act of love...." Maybe I'll get someone to make me a vinyl decal for above my door....."Decide every time you open your door, it's an act of love."

I thought about this and smiled as we prepared to welcome our guests this evening. We were happy to have our new pastor and  his family over. I'd not met Lindsey (she's busy with kids on Sunday mornings) or the girls.  Stacia loves to cook with me - and it makes prepping for company a breeze. It's really like mother daughter time and not work at all. It's a blessing. We baked sugar cookies, a veggie pot pie and chicken pot pie....and we made fruit and veggie salads. We used the fancy goblets again. The truth is - I use canning jars for drinking glasses and we are down to 4. I have 19 fancy goblets. ::wink::

The moment finally came for them to arrive - and we discovered one of the gals is afraid of dogs. Poor Yuuki is social and only wanted to welcome her - she ended up in the kennel. Poor CoRielle - her kennel is down by their room.
No - they don't usually have blue faces - though I have heard it's cold up here. 
After dinner Stacia helped the girls to decorate sugar cookies. Nolan helped a bit too. This gave the girls something fun to do and gave the adults time to visit. It was Arielle's great idea. We had planned to have cookies for dessert, but none of us felt like having dessert. We sent some home with the A's, have some for BreZaak and CoRielle.......and the boys are making routine runs around the island which hosts the cookies.  They'll be gone in no time.

It was a great day, capped off by great time with a fun family. 

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