Monday, November 20, 2017

Spectacular Lights

These WERE the best so far. Michael said it was supposed to be a good night and I was SOOO tired that I wanted to ignore them. Josiah texted from Eagle River and said they were out. Michael got the kids up....their first time to be up with the lights.....and it was worth it!

We had whites, greens, yellows,  and even a bit of reds. The reds moved fast....across the Lazy Mountains and over the face of Mat Peak.....we tried to get some, but,  as fast as they move, and as slow as Michael has to take lose distinction and it's just a red glow.....

These are unedited - Michael will do that later. I did lighten the ones with the house.....

The blobs at the bottom are some of us

I think that's Nolan - you can see some of the yellows in this one

Our house - amazing stars last night 

I am thankful for incredible beauty in the midst of winter - that'll preach.

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