Thursday, November 16, 2017

Wintry Day

What do you do the day after you welcome an adorable new grandson to the family? We stayed inside and watched the snow come steadily down. We NEEDED a new white covering - snow gets muddy.

Sometime either yesterday or today, they came by and took the top 3 feet off our trees out front. We had hoped to do one before they did and use it for Christmas. My lingering hope was they'd leave the tops and we'd nab them for decorating. I can't find them. They left OTHER brush in the ditch. LOL  We'll be on the look out for areas where one can get a permit and go cut their own tree. I found the form for 2015 and the cutting area was out here in our area. 

We did a LOT with food. I'm still playing with recipes while processing all the changes going on in our family.  Stacia made another cake and decorated it in expectation of CoRielle and Bennett's homecoming.  I NEED to go buy some "normal" ingredients for her to explore.

We also made an ice cream cake for Michael's birthday, yogurt, berry compote, and came up with a new White Chicken Enchilada recipe. Tis the season when decks off kitchens become lovely walk out coolers.
When we lived here before we had a table on the deck. It was great for cooling cakes, cookies etc. it also served as overflow holding for Holiday meals. I need to get a little table out here. We got about two inches of snow today. It's winter so no bears should come sniffing out our food. LOL

The kids got a good day's school work completed. Michael is working on a new set of bookshelves to go in the study.  He took time out to look at my machine. It's really quite sad.

In EVERY move, they've opened the case, stuffed it so it didn't rattle, and then put the machine in a box and packed it solid - marked it fragile. This time they just grabbed it from the closet and threw it on the truck!  We didn't notice in the hubbub of the move. The case is shattered, parts of it don't match up any longer. Michael says that there is something "organic" wrong with it.   We COULD have put in a claim on this move - but we weren't unpacked to discover the damage in time to submit the claim. I finished today's projects on Stacia's little machine.  Going to sewing club with her, gave me confidence to try to recreate my favorite baby blankets. These are a yard long - flannel on both sides....stitched right side to right side, and then top-stitched.

The one on the left is for Gideon. Bre has my old blankets - but every boy needs a BOYS blanket of his own. The other three are for Bennett. In the interest of full disclosure, the first one with giraffes is not finished. I need to get some thread that will coordinate before I top-stitch.
I'm dreaming of new projects - I'm discovering that sitting, with hands busy and the whirring sound of the machine, is calming.

We amused ourselves sending videos to friends, back and forth with Mom and we even got a few from the kids at the hospital. We love the Marco Polo Ap. It was a great day. Tomorrow is another big day.....

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