Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas 2017 Part 1

I posted this on Facebook on Christmas morning.....I have heard it said family is what is important at Christmas, rather than a boatload of gifts. Agreed. 
But this a.m., spending time with the word, I was missing our moms. My Mom, especially, is such a recent loss it feels raw. I wasn't feeling the season. I read a bit and remembered what I have always isn't even about family, as big a blessing as family is, it's all about Him. Jesus, coming as a babe, fully God and fully man to save us. Its Immanuel. He is with us. It's about His presence.
I am digging down deep, past the emotions and tears, and choosing joy today, and in the days to come. That is what Mom would want us to do. 
Merry Christmas from our family to yours. May you enjoy the blessings of family, friends, and most importantly, His sweet presence.

Josiah and Jamin dropped by to go shooting with Cory, Izaak and Dakota. Both were decked out in their Christmas best. 

I made Cinnamon rolls, sausage, fruit and something else -  and set the table with china Mom had given me. We stopped in late last night to pick up a few things and the gals at Freddy's gave us this arrangement and a poinsettia.

When everyone got back we visited and I prepared Christmas dinner. 
Uncle Cy and Gideon - Gideon's first Christmas - 7 months old

Bennett's 1st Christmas - 1 month old
 Bella was wearing a dress that used to be Aunt Krista's. Bre and Krista had matching dresses that year - compliments of Grandma Julie from Portland First Church. Sweet memories. 

Cory has his Christmas best on too! 

Aunt Arielle and Bella

Hey Big Boy! 

Christmas smiles from Gideon 

Gideon and Bennett - share a first Christmas

Cousins - with a bit of help 

Bella loves these boys
Before we go any further, we have to share a sound we heard much of this Christmas. 

We are not about to let our Charlie Brown tree rob us of the traditional photos in front of the tree this year of all years! We have two new babies!
The S family 

The D family 



Two of the Five Brothers

Stacia, Nolan, Alex
 Our "at home" family


We usually have a Jesus Birthday Cake, open the Jesus stocking and play party games. We didn't do that this year....but we did move to the living room to open stockings and our "gifts from afar." Typically, Michael's sister, Mary K, and Mom mail gifts. Both like to have us open them on Christmas Day. Otherwise, we have a family exchange on New Year's Eve.

JaRissa were away at a cabin. Krista hasn't arrived for her holiday vacation yet.

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