Friday, August 12, 2016

#WYFF - Mom G Turns 88

We rushed back from Michael's VA appointment to be here for Mom G's 88th birthday! How fun is that?

One week Mom had asked for short ribs and I could not find any in stock, anywhere in town. I suspected ribs would be welcome for a birthday dinner, we found some ribs, all the fixins, the cheesecake  and headed over. 

Stacia really liked those BBQ ribs

Ah - cake and gifts - Mom asked for Cheesecake

This is our 11th week here. I've been buying Mom G's groceries and I've noted she has a ginormous SWEET what you want!  We filled that bag with a variety of chocolates we knew she'd like....

There was some thought the chocolate would fit in this glass container...

Nope - needed an overflow container. 800+ pieces....

It was  a fun celebration and we are happy to be here for it.

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