Monday, January 08, 2018

School and Goodbyes

School has started again for Arielle and Cory. 

Auntie Krista is more than happy to keep an eye on Bennett for them. 

Cory and Arielle graciously agreed to drive with us to Anchorage. We met Jamin, and JaRissa at Panda Express and had dinner. Then, Stacia went home with CoRielle, and we took Krista to the airport. She caught the red-eye flight back to Virginia. She'll have a couple of weeks of work and break left and then begin a new semester at Liberty.

It is ENOUGH to have eight of the Gherkins in "seeing" distance. I am content. BUT it will probably always be hard to say goodbye to a Gherkin who isn't nearby. We had a great visit with Krista. We look forward to more.

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