Friday, January 26, 2018


This charming young man should visit after every therapy session! 

My current reading - see a theme? Greenhouses and Chicken Coops. 

Michael bought this and put it together for me today. His thought is it will be good to start seedlings and I can move it outside when the weather is warmer....the only windows with southern exposure are in the living room. I know we can't plant anything in the ground until the end of May/start of June. 

But I started these inside....and I'll let them grow inside year round...

Mint, Rosemary and Basil at this point...

All the extra snow made the kids want to get outside and rebuild their sledding run. 

The snow is too powdery to slide easily, but they packed it all down, built ramps and snow berms around danger spots...and when it melts and freezes again - it will be fast. LOL 

Stacia had icicles on her jeans and the boys had frozen beards when they came inside. The day called for hot chocolate. Stacia dolled the mugs up with whipped cream and sprinkles. Ah well, it's FRIDAY - you gotta splurge sometime.

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