Friday, January 25, 2019

Cutest Little Cloth-Diapered Bum

Benny brings excitement, joy, and adventure to our home. A bit of noise too. He's an extrovert. He enjoys hearing his voice, and has developed quite a vocabulary for a boy just 1 year and 2 months old. He LOVES "his people" and we are "his people."  

I think he's got the cutest little cloth-diapered bum in the land.....they sure didn't have such cute diapers 33 years ago....though I did use some cute covers with Stacia. 

Here are a few shots of Benny and some of "his people." 

He's fascinated with ovens just now. 

He also loves a good game of chase with Uncle Nolan. 

I am thrilled with Benny's reading corner...and with the fact he takes his people to enjoy it when he needs a break from chasing around. LOL

"See, Uncle Nolan? It's called a book." 

God has been so gracious to allow us a front row view of Benny's first year. Poor Benny is having his first run-in with the flu this week.  Sick babies are sad.

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