Friday, February 01, 2019

February Family Bunco

It's family bunco night again at Matanuska AG.  Everyone is learning how to play the game, the dice are rolling faster, therefore,  the games move faster! We had a potluck, played four rounds of bunco AND had a fun time  stealing  exchanging White Elephant gifts, and were out by 9:30 p.m.  

We had new players this month - it's always fun to see who will come.  It makes my heart happy to see middle-schoolers through senior citizens having fun together. 
Just waiting for players
 A shot of some of our group during the dinner

The play  moved too fast for me to catch many photos - but here are a few! 
Robert, Britney, Josiah, Ed

Nora, Carl, Ethan, Jesse

Nora, Brenda, Robert
The evening sped by and it was time to move things around and move into the White Elephant Gift Exchange.
Nani and I rack and stack the scores
While Elephant Gift Exchange
Britney, Stacy, Ethan



I really need to cultivate a more feminine smile

I'm wondering what had just happened or was about to happen. LOL 

John and Eli - to steal, to unwrap - tough choices. 

Rebecca and Cache - Evil sugar! 

Brenda and Carl 


I don't think Brenda wants her gift stolen! 

Alex is happy with his gift....though it would soon be stolen


Nani seems to have the most stolen gifts - though I wasn't stealing her gift

Ed received a bag full of useful items...

I think Stacy got a candle.....

Eli stole Alex's towel.....and he ended up with a jar of candy. 

JUST what Britney's new home was missing! 

Ah - Nora stole Nani's lip gloss....

Another great evening with our Matanuska family. No, Bunco isn't ALL we do at church. We're studying the Word together, we worship and pray together, small group is part of many of our lives....but it is good to have plain ole fun together too. ::wink::

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