Saturday, February 23, 2019

Sun, Chickens and Family Visits

It was a fairly "warm" day today (in the 20's). The sun was shining bright and we all wanted to get outside. Michael and Alex  continued to re-work the chicken coop.  

As I headed out, Arielle told Benny to get his winter cloths on and he could go outside too. Hilarious. 
Daddy's big shoes to fill

Yesterday, Rosie, our favorite hen, was killed. That makes 4 hens we've lost this week. Michael put out live traps - no results as of yet. He and Alex took advantage of the nice weather to install two new vents.

Our poor, bedraggled flock. We have 12 now. We started with 18 in the spring. 

They made it outside! They even took a walk around the neighborhood. 

Jared is town this weekend. He will go back to the zoo in Juneau tomorrow.  He and Larissa came by this evening. Benny came up the stairs and was fine with Auntie Riss - but then he saw Jared. He reached for Uncle Alex.

It didn't take Benny long to warm up to Jared. 
Gentle Hands

It was fun to catch up with Jared. An enjoyable day all the way around.....about that Gherkin scowl?
It's terribly out of focus so I won't enlarge it - but THIS is the look I get when I don't let him through the gate at the bottom of the stairs. LOL

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