Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Perfect Writing Program

I have searched for the perfect language arts, grammar, writing program.  Sometimes I am SURE I've found it - like when our 14 yo "completed" a novel and attended a writer's conference in CO. Other times, I'm sure I've not found it. I'm sure part of this has to do with a person's individual bent.....

One of Michael's pastimes in retirement is a continuation of his years as a chaplain. He edits: research papers, book reviews, class assignments from under-grad and graduate students, blog posts and ministry publicity.....

I have observed this. I see how those he edits, over time, gain a mastery of grammar and writing. I've finally found the perfect grammar writing program for our two at home. It's brutal - but if one's emotions can handle the red ink - it works.

Just write......and let Dad edit'll learn about all sorts of things I didn't even know existed...and I've used a lot of grammar curriculum through thirty-one years of homeschooling.... I'm done looking for the perfect program.

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