Friday, March 01, 2019

March 1st in South Central Alaska

Here are some shots from our little slice of Alaska - the place we lovingly call Wibbly Wobby Acres. Does it look like spring to you? There ARE signs that spring is "coming." We have 10 hours and 17 minutes of light - isn't that about normal? It is FAR more than we had a month ago.

I'm used to tulips and such by March.....but the signs are here if  we adjust our vision and  look for them.  There is no snow or frost on the pine trees in the foreground, the snow is sliding off our roof...I am hoping to find the flag and pole shortly - it's buried in the snow.
Note there are no tracks in our baby orchard! 

This tire swing is still stuck in the snow. It does NOT usually sit on the ground. 

Yuuki will go outside again - a sure sign spring is coming. 

Our driveway - we are spreading ash in the driveway - an old time ice melting trick. 

The RV is no longer barricaded and covered in snow.

The wall of snow at the end of the driveway will soon be melting. 

The chickens refused to come outside for months.....they are enjoying the sun.

The snow has slid off the greenhouse - though it will be awhile before its warm enough for seedlings. 

Standing at one end of the garden plot and looking to th other - the soil  isn't near ready to work. 

We have lovely southern exposure. It helps to keep the upstairs heated. The snow is off the roof on this side. To the left is the "chicken coop" and fenced yard. 

The previous owners left this stove. It doesn't have fire brick. There was talk of using it to heat a sauna and using it for an outdoor oven....but at this holds s'more sticks in the summer time....and is just an accept piece in the winter. LOL 

 Sledding hill is melting....

Back stairs

Last year I kept the stairs and deck cleared. This resulted in a lot of shoveling.....this year I figured we could use the front door.....and the snow piled up back here. The fact that the snow has receded, and the door can now open is a sign spring is on it's way. ::snort::

Moose tracks everywhere

The saddest winter sight was our snow covered grill. Icicles show spring is coming - snow had to melt to create icicles.

A chimney in need of cleaning is a sign of spring. 

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