Sunday, April 21, 2019

Nolan's Un-ceremony

Nolan graduated May 2018. Following in the pattern of Jared and Arielle he didn't want a "graduation."  He took it a step further and didn't want a party, dinner or DQ trip either.  It gets harder to keep our stance of many years. We believe if we are going to school independently, if we are raising them to make decisions and live with the consequences, we should honor their wishes on how they we did. 


We did go to the opening of an Avenger movie...and he said that was his graduation celebration. We didn't realize he was SERIOUS. 
 BUT - Nolan is duo-diploma'd.....once from our home school and once from the Galena School district as we are homeschooling with a charter school. The diploma arrived in the mail. We waited for the perfect time to give it to him....

The time never arrived. 

Today, most of the kids were at the house. Nolan was home from work. We remembered. We gave him his high school diploma.

Well done, Nolan. Nolan is taking a gap year. He is working, saving and deciding what he wants to pursue as a career.

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