Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Any Day That Begins with Piranha Shorts...

Is going to be a good one! 

Benny LOVES his piranha shorts and would wear them every day if CoRielle would let him. Alex bought a pair of shorts with salmon imprints to sympathize with Benny. 

Lucille, the free range hen, met me at the door this morning. She was not impressed  I didn't chase her down last night and put her in her kennel in the garage. I opened the door, she hopped to the top of the freezer, into her kennel...and laid an egg. Then wanted out. 

Stacia made a yummy breakfast - an avocado, tomato, poached egg/English muffin - all on plan!

I raced out the door to meet Lindsey at a local coffee shop to connect and scheme for the summer. I discovered our microwave clock is WRONG. It's always refreshing to share heart and soul matters with a friend.

Stacia made a cake today. She was going to try a cake with dates for a sweetener, applesauce instead of butter, and fruit instead of chocolate frosting.....but in the end...she went with two layers of a dinette cake, sandwiched with caramel sauce and covered with a chocolate glaze. It looked yummy.

Arielle turns 22 tomorrow. This creates the perfect chance to get the cake out of our kitchen and allow Stacia the fun of baking at the same time. 

Benny immediately stuck his hand in the cake. He does NOT like chocolate glaze at all. 

Michael and I have been taking the elder Gherkins, and family, out to dinner for their birthday. We knew Arielle would appreciate this gift - and it was the same (or cheaper) as dinner would have been.....we will miss the night out with CoRielle....but she lives very near by. Oh, you can't tell what the gift is in the picture I selected. It's a 3.5L Air Fryer. We thought it would be convenient to have the gifts down there a day early - she promptly opened them. LOL 

Stacia takes over dinner on nights when I have study or, it seems, when I  am distracted in the garden. She has been making Pad Thai, peanut sauce etc and her brothers haven't been 100% encouraging. She gave in and made Nolan Chicken Divan tonight. LOL  

Quick game before dinner

Michael is still in bed with ice on his back.

I took the kids to youth and then went to the library for some quiet/me time. I worked on a summer women's ministry schedule and then read my newest boo - The Blue Zones Solution. 

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