Sunday, May 19, 2019

Gideon (aka Bubbie) is TWO!!!

What a fun cake! 
Tomorrow, Gideon turns 2 years old! He has been an incredible blessing in our family. Gideon was born early....and has made up for that slow start by moving very, very fast ever since.  He's healthy. He's got a huge heart - I've never seen a toddler give hugs and kisses as frequently and generously as he does.  BreZaak invited us all over to celebrate this afternoon.  Michael has done something to his back and isn't walking well at all. He didn't make it. The rest of us were there.  It's been a month or so since we've all been together. 

Uncle Cy and Annie 
 I haven't seen Annie for 3 weeks - and WOW - she's growing! She's gotten long. She is in the 75th percentile which is huge for these kiddos. Bella has always been petite and, as I said, Gideon began life way early.....he was in a hurry to get here and help his family move to Alaska! It took him a bit of time to even hit the charts.

Stacia purchased Bella some sparkly tattoos....

He wasn't quite SURE why Mom was giving him a lit cake - but he was game! 

Benny was given a "small" piece of cake. This is a treat. He took his fork, and stabbed extra from the other plates. Where there's a will - there is always a way! LOL

I don't believe Gideon had realized the  gifts were for him.  He was excited to open them. It started with just he and mom....

Everyone else was happy to join the fray. 

Gideon solved the problem by jumping up on the hope chest with the gifts. 

It was fun for Cory to see the light at the end of this round of classes and be able to join the festivities. 

Aunt Arielle and Annie

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