Thursday, June 13, 2019

Garden Tour, Benny, Farkle....

Stacia, Alex and I had dental cleanings today! Yehaw! Not a cavity in sight. We do, however, have a referral for  wisdom teeth extraction for Alex.  They finally agreed with me that mine will be a pain (literally) to remove....and they aren't currently causing seems only smart to wait and see if they DO cause problems.  They always lecture the kids on WHY they need to be out when they are young and then turn to me and try to convince me AFTER hearing about teeth growing into bones as you age.... Bad strategy. LOL

Nolan got off work early today. He and Michael laid out a new project. More on that in future posts.

Alex and Stacia had Japanese lessons as soon as we got home. Poor Alex didn't even get lunch before his lesson. 

I told Dad I was heading to the garden. He INSISTED on coming outside to help. He has mentioned wanting to be of help several times - and he assured me he'd be fine.... While we were working he mentioned he'd need to make new friends up here if he stayed very long. I need to see what I can find. 

We put in potato hills. It was a gorgeous, beautiful, HOT day today. We put in a row and then Alex joined us. HE had a different strategy and was FAST at putting those things in. We had 3 more rows planted in no time....32 hills. I wish I'd bought more....because this garden is bigger than I thought.

Dad was happy to take me up on the suggestion of a cold drink and ringside seat. 

Yikes. It was 120* in the greenhouse. I must remember - on these days that are predicted to be warm - to open the windows and doors. Yesterday was cold and rainy.  I have tomato blossoms...

See the teeny-tiny cucumber on the right? That's more cucumber than we got last year and I planted them THREE times! 

Kale is coming up. 

Beets - Moose must have taken out a row of beets....I didn't plant anything until July last year and we did get some beets. I may try to start some more seedlings. 

We have chickweed starting and so we spent some time on it - that will be a part of my daily routine to move naturally for the next few months. 😅

Pointing out the teeny carrots so they don't get  weeded. 

The moose damage is becoming apparent now that things are growing. Those bare spots had cilantro and beets....and the radishes weren't quite so clumped together....I'll need to thin things out quite a bit...but I knew we'd lose some and moose would take some....The spinach is bolting. I think it's gotten too much sun or heat or something. I really haven't a clue. I just know that it can be hard to get YIELDS up here...but we get lot of greenery. 

Stacia took most of these photos - and she and I BELIEVE dandelions are flowers...and a useful crop. Have you ever looked this closely at a dandelion? It's pretty amazing. Look at the little curlicues. 
Photo by Stacia 

We have planted all the starts and sets I have. We have lots of garden left. We are covering it in plastic to hopefully kill weeds.....and if I can find more squash/pumpkin/potato sets I may put more in.  We have lumber for another bed and may get one done and set up yet....put in another cool weather something or other. I'm open to suggestions. It would be a short growing season, BUT we have double the sun so the shorter season seems to be close to regular?
Row of broccoli and cauliflower between the plastic 
 I tired the all-natural, perma culture route last year. The chickweed won. We're still organic - but had to have some help with the weeds. I am trying to find lady bugs. We have earthworms and bees.

Potatoes in the brown patch. I can't figure out how to do the plastic there.....and then 4 long rows of sweet corn. Would you cover the potato hills with plastic?  How would I do that? Hmmm....just lay it out and cut out the tops?

BTW - the stakes we bought to hold the plastic down won't go through the clay/rock we have rocks holding plastic down. When I think of the work to haul the rocks OUT of the garden....I could cry....we are nearly out of rocks and have lots of garden left to cover...ideas?

See what the mean girls have done to each other? 

Benny came out to play....under the trampoline.

Trying to turn Grandma's water off. LOL 

Grumpy face

Mama tries....

Stacia went in and started dinner. Michael and Dad ran to Lowes. Alex and I did a bit more weeding in the garden and then put tools away.  Dinner was yummy - except for the rice!  I've never had trouble cooking rice and have used an instant pot for 5 years....but the last few months it's just gummy....regardless of the amount of water I use. The dog will eat it. 

While Dad caught a quick nap and the kids cleaned up  dinner dishes, Michael and I went for a walk. We went to meet a "neighbor" who is from Colorado. Michael's brother has done work with him and we found out we live close enough for him to see our house through the trees. We hurried home for "the game." The game of Farkle. G Dog enjoys beating  playing with us. 

Daddy cut Benny's hair. I love it. 

He crawled into my lap to snuggle, then hopped off, went to Michael's lap, and gave me a look as if to say, "Psyche! You know Papa is best." He "played" Farkle with us....

Though I'm not in the evening photo - I WON BOTH GAMES. It was time. 

It was a full day....a good day. It is KILLING us not to be taking advantage of the weather to fish...maybe next week. We heard the limits for Reds in Seward went up to 12!!!! Jared is coming for Father's Day and I don't think he'd want to drive 5 hours to fish.

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