Wednesday, June 05, 2019

This Morning's Rush

 It appears we are a haven for free range animals!

I haven't known an adrenaline rush such as the one from being in the greenhouse and spotting a baby moose in the garden. Subsequently finding Mama - the aggressive visitor - on the other side of the greenhouse. There I was caught in the middle... Not a happy place for me.

We are going to have to move the hammock. That is sad. Baby got caught in it today. I certainly don't want to have one of them unable to get out and us trying to figure out how to help them. That is one of those moments where your desire to help a critter in distress truly puts your life at great risk. Mama moose are well-known for stomping on people for coming too close to their baby.

I haven't captured pictures of the fox, eagle, owl, hawk, weasel, cats and dogs.....

We don't mind sharing Wibbly Wobbly Acres with all.....we would just like to be able to sit in the garden without being terrified of every rustling noise in the brush....or drive in the driveway without having to dodge one of them. 😀
Chickens aren't scary! 
Phoenix - the roo, Oreo and Lorri

Seriously, we love it! We're happy to co-exist with Alaska's wildlife. I even planted extra cabbage this year after the moose debacle of last year.

We simply want to be able to be outside without big quadrupeds sneaking up on us.

For the most part, if we make noise, they stay away....but now we know our aggressive one is a mama. She is going to be aggressive for a few months. We hope she'll eventually be content in the woods as Rosie (of the collar) was last year.  When Rosie had her baby with her, she would come and wreak havoc in the garden only when we were inside. This gal seems determined to take over the yard and prove her fearlessness of people.

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