Thursday, June 27, 2019

Thursday Tidbits

The plants seem to grow INCHES every day....Cory suggested much more watering and they are loving the water, warm weather, and sunlight. 

I thought it about time to take down the Easter flags. 😏 

It is proving DIFFICULT to get any strawberries around here...the moose, Lucille the free range hen, Blondie the free range bunny, and some rodent all like the strawberries. BUT I got a handful this evening. 

CoRielle will be moving within a couple of months. It's been a blast to have them nearby to catch moments like this.....

And this - Benny practices to run marathons with Uncle Jamin

Krista has journeyed from Florida to Colorado and met up with Michael.  We miss these two. 

I think that ties up all the loose ends of the day. It's been a full day.

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