Wednesday, July 03, 2019

A Tale of 3 Picnic Tables

Michael and Krista were due to arrive in 1 1/2 hours - I had one last thing to do before they arrived. This is me, driving Michael's truck for the first time. ::snort:: 

I have wanted some sort of outside sitting area since we moved in. Designing and creating the area hasn't moved to the top of the list....being able to relax, gather, and enjoy meals outside has moved up my list. I began pricing patio furniture and it was simply more than I was willing to pay...unless we  paid a HUGE amount for several amounts, we would not have enough seating for the whole family to enjoy a meal outside.

I began to talk about getting an old fashioned picnic table or two or three.  There were none around town. Lowes in Anchorage had some - but I didn't want to drive to Anchorage. As the 4th approaches, seating for the family for an outside meal moved to the top of the list. LOL

I called our local Lowes today to be sure they didn't have any. They had 17 - five assembled. By the time I arrived, I had a few questions.

"How long does it take to assemble these?"

Ten minutes. (Hmmm.....)

"Can we fit 3 into the truck?"

Sounded sketchy to me.

"If I assemble them will you give me a discount?"  And by "I" I mean "Alex."


I got three tables for 1/2 the price of a patio set that would seat 4 people. Michael had told me at full price he thought it would cost the same to make himself as to buy....I felt good about the price. 

Thanks to road construction, we made it home about 10 minutes before Michael and Krista arrived. Today, Alex set about assembling tables. It takes longer than 10 minutes. He did have a lot of help and a big cheering section as he worked. 

People began to arrive - and look - a natural place to gather - outside.....we've also set up a mosquito magnet - and the mosquitoes are much more manageable this year. One had to be willing to give a pint of blood to sit outside in previous years. I'm working to make our place more inviting - small steps.

I had a gracious offer from a friend to build a table for us, you know who you are.  I knew Michael would build the other two if I nagged. I was happy to get them for a good price and save both men the extra work.  I debated right up until I got in the truck and started for Lowes. LOL I purchased top of the line exterior paint and will paint these shortly. The wood needs to dry a bit.

Colors - will turquoise is my favorite color. Stacia and I have discussed painting one as a flag - stripes with one corner being blue/stars. I am partial to the natural stained look as well. I did purchase some paint - I'm still not 100% sure all the tables will be painted the same.

Eventually, I'd like to place on in the orchard in the front this point there is no shade in the front.  However, I'll eventually have a table up front....and one by the fire ring for easy s'mores and garden watching. These are "light" enough to be moved to the shade when a group arrives.

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