Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Morning Guests (Intruders the rest of the family says)

Aren't they gorgeous?

Stacia was leaving the RV when she saw the twins. She looked around and Mama was on the other side of the RV. She was stranded in the RV until they moved around to where we were. 

 I was out setting sprinklers when I saw the sight below!
Eating the Lilac off our deck 

Yikes - the closest I've been to moose yet.  I dropped the sprinkler and ran onto the deck...."Moose." 

Krista had walked out the front and saw the mama. She came in to warn of moose.  I grabbed the camera and documented.  The babies got into the orchard! ARGH. It would appear we're going to have to add the electric to the fence....

Poor Lucille, our free range hen. She's taken to staying in the brush at the front of the property. This is the second day she's been sitting on eggs and had moose trample through. We didn't hear her for a long time after they left and wondered if she had gotten hurt. She's back this afternoon. 

Well-mannered - they went right to the kid's table

I was worried they'd eat our new tables. 

Benny was growling at the moose. 

They are cool to watch run. They were startled when I got a phone call. 

Off they go until another day. Hopefully, the fence will be ready to go when they return. 

The excitement slowed us down and made us a tad bit later than we would have liked to our walking group.

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