Thursday, July 11, 2019

Sisters - Sisters

The girls met to explore our cute downtown area today. 
Arielle, Krista, Stacia, Bre (missing Larissa)
Photo by Krista
Dad went with them and enjoyed a paper and coffee at Vagabonds.  It appears the girls took time for a drink as well.
Stacia - Photo by Krista
I knew I wouldn't get done all that needed to be done today. I didn't.....but I got more done than if I'd joined them.  I have to do some work along with the fun. LOL  The next few days are busy as we work to get ready for a week of dip netting. 

Cousins were surprised to see each other. 
Photo by Krista

I love this photo of the girls in front of the Alaska Chicks sign. LOL 
Photo by Krista

We plan to fully enjoy having all the girls in one spot for a bit of time. There's nothing like "Sisters, sisters...." (Can you hear the old song from White Christmas?)

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