Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Team Win

We continue puttering around the place this week....Michael got the drawers installed last night at Josiah's rental.  He had a slowish, rough start this a.m., but came out of the gate at top speed - when he was able to get out of the gate. LOL

Krista and Arielle went running again. Krista reports her ankle is doing well. She is working her way back to the times she was achieving before the accident...when she was running 8 miles. They ran 1 1/2 miles.

Meanwhile, I took Dad and Stacia to run errands. I am looking into shipping fish. I checked out UPS - they guarantee one day; they estimated $200. I went to the Post Office....their fastest is 1 - 3 days...flat rate - not sure if that's a good bet for frozen fish.

I noted at the post office 1/2 the big flower bed is KALE and celery. Kale - it's everywhere you want to be in Alaska.  At the library, I finally noted the cabbage in the midst of the flowers. I may have to do some beds like this next year.  I am convinced my soil needs HELP....because I planted the same time as everyone else and my cabbage is just starting to form heads. Maybe it's too crowded...I HAVE discovered the square foot gardening charts are NOT made with Alaska days in mind. Things get BIGGER than expected - they just aren't making lots of food. LOL
This is NOT our cabbage! This is at the library. 
Our biggest stop of the day was Walmart. Time for some groceries in the house. Honestly - I have a challenge. I save money shopping once a month. I no longer have freezer space for ANY meat other than the salmon and veggies already in the freezer.  The plan IS to buy a big freezer - but we don't have room for it in the garage quite yet. I've contemplated putting it outside until the end of September - but that seems a bit too Alaskan for this point. The family really doesn't want salmon EVERY meal. I've been running to Freddies every day for  meat for dinner. It is the rhythm of Japan. I don't mind it terribly much - this makes it easy for one of us to take Dad up for his paper and coffee....BUT it isn't easy on the budget.  We headed out to buy groceries - hoping they will last a week.  Stacia and Dad made a pit stop at McDonald's while I started shopping. Dad found a nice recliner to rest in when they were done with lunch and Stacia and I shopped. I think Dad thought we'd left him by the time we finished. LOL

I came home and Michael was busy in the garage. Alex and Krista were sanding picnic tables and the rockers the kids gave me 10 - 14 years ago for Mothers Day. (Yes, we still date things by assignments and we were at Goodfellow from 2005-2009.)
Alex - Photo by Krista 

The belt sander was running, white, powdery footprints went through the kitchen. They were getting it done.  It became apparent we need to prime the tables with Kilz.  The photo was less than flattering of Krista - but you can see her reflection in the window. LOL
Stacia joined Krista in working on the rockers
I'm excited to give the rockers a face-lift. I love that Alex and Stacia are helping....they were tiny babies when the big kids gave me the rockers....makes them part of the history of the rockers. They bought them for me at a time when I was dreaming of time to sit in the rocker and visit, share know "rock on the porch."  For far too many years the rockers were simply a decoration. I've taken steps to live more present in this season,  and intentionally find time to relax and rock. LOL

I headed out again to search for Kilz and canning supplies. It turns out Freddie's (both Wasilla and Palmer), Walmart and Target are all out of what I need. I came home with Kilz. Izaak called and has a bunch of pint jars I can have. He's switching to 1/2 pints.

Stacia and Krista had dinner 90% ready! Michael grilled burgers, the table was set, salad, fries (loving the air fryer) and fresh-squeezed lemonade* were ready to go....What a blessing.

Michael and I painted a coat of Kilz on the top surfaces of the picnic tables while the kids cleaned up after dinner.  Nolan headed to bed.

The rest of us played a few games of Farkle. I know Dad and I did not win. I'm not sure who won - I suspect Alex. I was not fully present. I was on my phone to stay awake. LOL

The day was a team win.

Can you believe this is the LAST day of July? I'd better get some curriculum ordered. ::snort:: (Not to worry - I have all of Stacia's core subjects from Alex's previous school year, and HE has all his core credits completed. Nothing big will be missed if our curriculum isn't here by Aug 15th.)

*Sugar Free Lemonade.....2 packets of Stevia (I found some with stevia leaves only - NO malitol, maltodextrin, or erythitol), juice of 1/2 a lemon, ice and water to fill a pint mason jar.

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