Saturday, August 17, 2019

Alaska Zoo Trip

Our church planned a trip to the zoo today....then there was talk of un-planning it as everyone was busy. Stacia and I talked with Arielle and decided to go early in the morning anyway. This would work better with Benny's nap and my driving time. I tend to get tired in the afternoon and want to nap. ::snort::  It was 50% off day at the zoo - a deal too good to pass by.

In the end BreZaak and Donna met up with Pastor and family at the zoo at the planned time. We crossed paths and got to share hugs on the run.
Harper, Sydney and Bella - photo via Lindsey 
The GPS took us to the BACK of the zoo - but after we figured that out - we were fine. It turns out zoo memberships were also 50% off. If we go one time we will have paid our price for the membership - so yes, we are now members of the Alaska Zoo.

Benny had no clue what he was about to see. Here he is at the first exhibit - the Polar Bear.
Fun Times
 Another Girls Day plus 1. 
Arielle, Stacia, Benny and Me
 So much to see...

Benny got real excited about the antlers! "Cor, My daddy," he squealed. 

We haven't been to this zoo in 15 years and they have gotten many new animals. While we still had quite a few animals we could see in our yard (Moose, lynx, owl, porcupine) there were many we do NOT see in our yard...polar bears, brown bears, camels and tigers come to mind. LOL 
Beautiful tigers
Seeing how big the claws on the brown bear are gave us a bit of a start. 

Napping happened on the way home. 

You can't make a person nap...but I'm firm believer of putting one's feet up, grabbing a book, and resting mid-afternoon, for children and adults. I did just that when we got home.

I heard squealing and Krista told me Benny was under the deck spraying up and people who came outside. I got wet to grab this photo. πŸ˜€

Michael and Alex did some driving instruction....and cut down another spruce tree.

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