Tuesday, August 06, 2019

GG Scores!

GG (Great Grandpa) scored a home-run today. The doorbell rang and he went to get Benny. 

"Benny, come see! Come see the truck."

Benny said, "No."

Arielle picked him up and said, "GG wants to show you something." 




 What captured Benny's attention? The DUMP TRUCK! GG knew Benny would be fascinated to see a truck like his in action - even as Benny resisted coming to GG. That'll preach!

He froze. He didn't move once during the whole transaction. Arielle said he was so excited he was shaking. We got 10 Cubic yards of gravel for the driveway and 2 cubic yards of pea gravel for under the play structure.....except he brought me a bonus of an extra 1 1/2 yards of pea gravel. I've been wanting to define some flower areas....maybe we'll get to it before winter. 

Stacia began to shovel gravel into the wheelbarrow and Benny was right beside her. 

Benny insisted on carrying the gravel in his shovel too when Arielle and Stacia moved the wheelbarrow to the back . 

Priceless! Benny and his great-grandpa working on a job together. 

These two spent some time playing when the job was done. 

A big day is coming up for both....in just 10 days Stacia turns 14; and Benny's Daddy and Mommy will sign for their first family house (they've had 2 homes, but this will be the first house and the first one they purchase). 

Benny climbed  straight up the rock wall without any assistance from any of us...though we did do a tad bit of hovering. 

Pure joy at his accomplishment! High Fives all around! 

I spent a bit of time weeding in the garden. I will always need more time out there. LOL  I heard rustling. Look at this! Lucille scratching up carrots and eating kale. I had quite a time getting her out. She's getting quite plump.

We harvested a couple of rows of beets. 

The corn is tasseling....we shall see.  Maybe we'll get a few ears yet. 

Beets are pretty. I've never cooked them and haven't liked them, but Michael asked for them. I boiled one and he said it was good. I boiled two more for 10 min, and then skinned them and tossed them in with the other veggies I was roasting for dinner. 

These carrots were also tossed in to the roasting mix...bit of olive oil, garlic, salt...

I was thinning out the carrots and these were big enough to eat - so we did. I also picked some baby red potatoes and a zuchinni to roast.  YUM! I was pointing out everything on the table from the garden...salad, roasted veggies and someone pointed to the chicken and said, "Is this from the garden too?"

"No," I replied, "But if Lucille keeps getting into the garden you may end up with chicken from the garden."  I would never. I couldn't. It was a yummy dinner. We didn't have a single bite left. I was satisfied with the veggies...and they all enjoyed adding the air fried chicken to the mix. LOL

A salad for the chickens - they love all the garden left overs. 

The green tomatoes are starting to ripen. We had visions of making salsa when this started. I don't know what I'll do with them now....I expected to have all the tomatoes at the same time. LOL 

I like the purple carrots. Sweet. 

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