Thursday, August 08, 2019

Tomato and Freezer

We worked on projects around here all week. Piddly, nagging projects which need to be completed before winter. I neglected to blog on Thursday (back posting now) so I honestly can't remember WHAT we did. ::snort::

My camera reminds me we had our FIRST tomato from our own garden at dinner. This is one of the green ones that I've had under the grow lights. 

Dad pronounced it good. 

DAD WON THE GAME TONIGHT!  The Game being - Farkle.

Our garage is FULL. It is going to get fuller before it clears out -more about that later. HOWEVER, I do need a family size freezer. I currently have two small chest freezers and BOTH were packed to the very top. We hope and pray to get a moose to round out our fish catch. I have been running to the store every day for  meat for the day (if it's not a salmon day), because there is NO room for ANYTHING in the small freezers.  This was on sale.....and now it sits in our garage.

It's the biggest one we could find up here, and it's by far cheaper than any we found anywhere else. It was nearly the same price as freezers the same size in like condition on Craig's list. Michael ordered it earlier in the week and it came in today.  Note the boxes are the edge of our recycling set up. LOL  We moved CoRielle's freezer up and it will be fine until they are able to move into their new home.

I'm remembering that moment you look online and tell your husband, "We can get the same model $450 cheaper at Home Depot!"

"What zip code are you using?"

Ah....CA zip code. I enter the  local zip code...and BAM....add $450 to price. Lowes is cheaper. LOL

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