Thursday, September 26, 2019

Fall - Decor, Scenery, Routine

Stacia and I began the day going to our favorite cafe for our Bible study. On our way home we noted clouds climbing up our mountain range. 

By the time we reached the bridge on our way home, the clouds had totally covered the mountains. We couldn't see any of the mountains that ring our area. We pushed through the fog and as we turned up our street.....ShaZam! The mountain returned! Love the fall colors! Who knew? White is a fall color in Alaska, too!

Stacia and I have been itching to get the fall decorations up. Our goal was to have them up before Life Group began. Life group started tonight. We hit the ground running when we got home. My phone isn't focusing well...I may take real photos and replace these.

Krista made these darling pumpkins at a women's gathering in September. We were just driving into town from the trip to Oregon and missed it. 

Moved the fall kokechi doll front and center....added the quilt and a wooden hangy thing. 

So maybe having a dresser in the entry way can be useful. 

Benny spotted this immediately. 

I'm using the frankenpumpkins for decorations. 

After my "Yikes its fall," post last week some have been concerned. We are feeling much better now that we are settling into fall, have the decor up, our fall schedule back in place, and are getting a handle on some of the many "fall projects."

Life Group began - we had I need to play with the chairs a bit as one of our regular couples weren't able to make it. We're going to be working through an Oswald Chambers book, The Ultimate Refuge.  I look forward to the Bible we discuss and the ways our lives touch each other as we join together.

The group had pity on me when they saw how MUCH squash I have left. I have put up 50 quarts, baked 8 batches of muffins or breads...AND they all took 2 big ones each. I still have this many left....but it seems more manageable. I've been informed these are Alaska sized zucchini and they will taste just fine. I loved that no one was intimidated by the sizes.  The small ones were left. Praise God. ::snort:: I may be planting way less squash next year.

A funny from life group. Krista and Arielle had gone up to Hatcher's Pass. They ran into lots of snow. Our normal road is closed for the season. They walked around and made a snow man. I commented, "I need to go up and see the snow." Jacque made me laugh when when she commented, "Why? It will come down here." ::snort:: It makes me laugh every time I see the termination dust moving down the mountain or think about the impending snow. It's an Willamette Valley thing ingrained in me...lets go to  the mountains and see the snow. LOL

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