Monday, September 02, 2019

Whirlwind Visit In Springfield

Its been a whirlwind visit to Oregon.

We arrived in Springfield, dropped our trailer, and got Dad settled at Will and Sherri's on Thursday.  Dad began to show us the things he'd like to take to Alaska. We have the underside of the RV and a utility trailer. We looked at our things and confirmed they would fit in the space with room left for Dad's things. However, as the day went on we realized Dad wanted to bring more than he originally thought he would. We are also bringing Krista's last household goods up with us. 

Michael is happy to have more tools at his disposal 
We saw dads primary doctor on Friday. We feel like we have a handle on the medical care we need to find in Alaska for Dad. We were excited to discover his A1C has gone from 10  to 7.1 over the summer. 

We stopped by Dad's bank and the Uhaul store. We had a nice catch up lunch with Rebecca, Michael's sister.

We talked with Walt, dads friend. He will drive up to Alaska with us and pull one of the trailers. I have no experience pulling a trailer.

Saturday we loaded our trailer. Dad and I got 99% through packing his things. We had dinner with Will and Sherri and their kids...Andrew and Amy. I had prayed it wouldn't rain this weekend while we were packing. We needed space to be able to sort. It was HOT - 86*. That prayer was REALLY answered. LOL 
Loading furniture from Dad and Mom G
The pool and hot tub were a welcome amenity Saturday night! 

We went to church at our home church on Sunday. Dad began attending Calvary 60 years ago when he came to town to attend Bible College. He was married here, this church sent Mom and Dad out as missionaries, my bothers and I were all married here, Michael did an internship here, we dedicated our two oldest children at this church, two of our daughters were married here, and one was the Children's Pastor for several years.  

Lousy picture but I'm not about to delete it. LOL 
Dad ushered on his  "last Sunday."  I reflected on his choice to move to Alaska. I found myself praying this is also a choice which reaps generations of blessings. May my choices have such long-term effect for good.  Many shared words of confirmation and affirmation about Dad's upcoming move. On a side note, it felt very odd to be at Calvary and not see Mom, or so many others, who have passed on. 

Nate and Heather's daughter, Nadia met us at church. She, Jim, Walt and Judy, Will and Sherri, and us went to one of Dad and Jim's favorite after-church haunts....Centennial Steakhouse. Dad is going to miss his friends. 
Dad, Will, Walt, Judy, Sherri 

Walt and Dad grew up together and then went on to Bible College together.  I grew up calling Walt "Uncle Ollie." He wanted to help all he could with Dad's move. He drove down and picked up the Uhaul trailer for us.  In the end, he hitched up our green trailer. We will met him and the trailer on Tuesday morning in Woodburn. He will drive his truck and our trailer up the Alcan. It will be precious time to catch up and remember for he and Dad. I believe the time with Walt will help Dad with the transition period. We will drive the RV and the Uhaul trailer up the Alcan.
Mike and Will decided the boat wouldn't ride on the side of the trailer. 

Monday Will helped us pack Dad's stuff. Sherri and I talked about Dad's business matters.
The boat slide into the trailer 

Things were packed all around the boat

Michael and Dad
Dad met up with Mikhail and came back to supervise. He was concerned I'd not packed all his hangers.

Jim stopped by for a visit. Mom used to babysit for Jim's children. For quite a few years Mom and Dad rented from Jim and his wife, Gloria. It's always fun to meet up with this family. 

Mom's recliner (which Dad is seen sitting on above) was the last item loaded. It went into the RV for the ride home. Both trailers are packed solidly. Michael is an amazing packer. Our military moving skills are coming in handy. 
They got it in! 
We brought dad back with us to the RV tonight. He opted to rest while we enjoyed the pool.
Tomorrow we head back to Alaska. It's been a full Labor Day. 
Alex likes having a recliner in the RV. 
We'll pull out in the morning. Tonight, we swam and relaxed with a game of Farkle.
Dad, Me, Alex, Stacia

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