Saturday, October 05, 2019

One Sunday in Fall

 Proof of our season's change....8:00 a.m. and it is dark and frosty. 

Nolan asked for Sunday's off and was given them off. He now has the weekend off. It is good to have him around on the weekends. The family had a disappointing experience at a local restaurant and ended up coming home. Michael stayed and got all their food to go and brought it home. Wow. 

The afternoon was spent visiting and playing games. Josiah spent time helping Stacia create a business plan for her Micro Business class. It becomes apparent if she wants to make more than $4 an hour she will need to eventually charge more for hats....and/or increase production speed. LOL 
Game time. 

The flu has knocked me flat. Benny came to visit while the others played. 
Bachan and Benny
Ready or not - a new week is about to begin.

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